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MySignals changes the future
of medical and eHealth applications

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What is MySignals

Development platform
for medical devices and
eHealth applications.

Measures more than 15
different biometric

Add your own sensors
to build new medical


MySignals Products are not medical devices or healthcare services, nor are they intended for medical diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, advice or prevention of disease.

MySignals Products are not finished products, so they are not intended to be purchased by End Users, but by developers, researchers and OEM Customers.

Read our Terms & Conditions before buying for a complete understanding.[]

“The most complete eHealth development platform in the market connecting more than 15 sensors”

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The Sensors

MySignals Awards

MySignals, the revolutionary eHealth platform released on October 2016, has received several worlwide prestigious awards from healthcare, technological, innovative or social organizations.

Cloud storage

The data gathered by MySignals is encrypted and sent to the developer’s private account at the Libelium Cloud

(Developers may use their own Cloud too to store the information. More info in the API section below)

Beta Cloud Program

1 year free Cloud Storage
and history visualization *
* Max storage and bandwidth limits to be determited

Limited number of beta-testers

Realtime data always available
through the Android / iPhone Apps
and the box screen

Data may be sent directly to the Cloud via WiFi or using your smartphone (BLE)

Data visualization

There are three modes for data visualization




Try a Demo of the Cloud!

Cloud Plans

Choose between User/ Developer Plans!

User Cloud Plans

The user plans are meant to be used to test the performance of MySignals. These are the best plans if you want to try in a quick and easy way the MySignals Kit including all the sensors on different users as each one can have its own profile. All the data is sent to the Libelium Cloud, so users do not need to set up their own servers.

Developer Cloud Plans

The developers plans are the best option for users who want to store the data gathered by MySignals in their own servers. This type of plans allow to use the Cloud API to read the information from the Libelium Cloud and write it in their own Cloud platforms.



99€ / year
(Free first year)


199€ / year


199€ / year

We Recommend


299€ / year

We Recommend


499€ / year


599€ / year

Platform testing
Platform testing
Small Dev. Deployment
Small Dev. Deployment
Professional Dev. Deployment
Professional Dev. Deployment
User Profiles (Members)
MySignals Devices *1
DB Storage
0.1 GB (10 Million register approx)
0.1 GB (10 Million register approx)
2 GB (200 Million register approx)
2 GB (200 Million register approx)
6 GB3 (600 Million register approx)
6 GB3 (600 Million register approx)
Traffic I/O *2
2 GB
5 GB
5 GB
15 GB
15 GB3
50 GB3
Android / iOS Apps
Encryption Point to Point
Libelium Cloud Access
API Cloud (Necessary to extract the information to a third party servers. Check the Developer Licenses.)
API Cloud (Necessary to extract the information to a third party servers.)

IMPORTANT: You can always use MySignals at no cost in the standalone and Bluetooth modes (only visualization not storage).

*1 Note that each licence is per MySignals Device.

*2 To avoid illicit use of the network, there is a daily and monthly maximum transmission rate.

*3 For specific plans contact our Business Dev Team.


Data stored in the MySignals Cloud may be accessed
to be visualized in external Web and mobile App’s
(Data can also be stored in a third party Cloud)

MySignals Connections

API Cloud

HTTP Rest Calls

JSON Files Management

Retreive the data from the Cloud and visualize it in your own Apps and webs

Using a third party Cloud

Developers may migrate the information stored in the Libelium Cloud to a third party Cloud server easily using the API Cloud provided

MySignals Connections

Developers may also send the information coming from MySignals to a third party Cloud server using directly the WiFi radio (HTTP, TCP/IP, etc.).
This option just for MySignals HW

MySignals Connections

Choose your model

Software Development Platform

For application developers who do not want to cope with hardware issues but just use a quick prototyping platform for medical and eHealth applications.

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A ready to use off-the-shelf version.
As easy as connecting your headphones to a MP3 player
Handy and robust ABS white box

Libelium IoT Core
Includes Cloud access and Android and iPhone Apps.
With CE / FCC / IC Certifications is perfect for any kind of project

Hardware Development Platform

For hardware developers, researchers and makers who want to have complete access to the PCB and electronics.

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Plug it on top of Arduino and control it using Arduino SDK
Integrate your own sensors

Version compatible with Arduino
Includes Cloud access and Android and iPhone Apps

MySignals SW

MySignals HW

MySignals Box MySignals Board
Architecture Libelium IoT Core Arduino compatible
Microprocessor Atmega 2560 Atmega 328 (Arduino UNO)
RAM Memory 8K 2K
Flash Memory 256K 32K
UART sockets 4 1
Complete Kit
Screen TFT (complete graphic interface) TFT (basic graphics)
Touch Screen
Cloud Storage
API Cloud
Sensors 18 18
Concurrent Sensor Readings From any sensor (18) to one interface (TFT, BLE, WiFi) From one group of sensors (analog, UART, BLE) to one interface (TFT, BLE, WiFi)
Radios on board BLE, WiFi BLE, WiFi
Extra Radios BT, ZigBee, 4G / 3G / GPRS
Certifications CE / FCC / IC
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Case Studies

MySignals in Dominican Republic

MySignals helps to reduce maternal deaths in Dominican Republic

Challenge: Monitoring patients with risk of suffering arterial hypertension to identify the symptoms of preeclampsia and prevent the disease.

The Dominican Republic is one of the Latin-American countries with major rate of maternal and neonatal deaths.

Libelium has taken part in a project close to Infectología’s Dominican Foundation to bring over the sanitary attention to groups of patients in risk with MySignals. The aim has been monitoring patients with risk of suffering arterial hypertension to identify the symptoms of preeclampsia in the patients in several sanitary centers as the Hospital Maternidad Los Minas, in Santo Domingo, and the Hospital Dr. Jaime Mota in Barahona.

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